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Auto Electrical Repairs in Whangarei

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At All Truck Repairs, our Auto Electric division is staffed by fully trained and trade-certified technicians with extensive experience in the transport industry.  

We pride ourselves on staying ahead in our ever-evolving industry with regular training courses and up to date computer upgrades for heavy trucks and machinery. Using diagnostic computer technology  

Our team’s proficiency covers a wide range of services to make sure your heavy transport and machinery receive expert care.

Our comprehensive Auto Electric services include: 

  • Starter Motors: Our technicians are adept at diagnosing and repairing starter motor issues promptly.
  • Alternators: From assessments to replacements, we handle alternator services with precision. 
  • Fuel Injection: Expertise in fuel injection systems ensures optimal engine performance. 
  • Ignition Systems: Our team is skilled in addressing ignition system complexities for reliable engine starts. 
  • Electric Windows: Diagnosing and fixing electric window issues to keep your vehicles secure and functional. 
  • Lights: From headlights to indicator lights, we cover all aspects of vehicle lighting systems. 
  • Turbo Timers: Specialised knowledge in turbo timers for enhanced engine efficiency. 
  • ABS Systems: Proficiency in Anti-lock Braking Systems ensures safety and stability. 
  • Air Bag Systems: Expert care for air bag systems to maintain vehicle safety standards. 
  • Central Locking: Diagnosis and repair of central locking systems for secure vehicle access. 
  • Trailer Wiring: Skilled handling of trailer wiring to ensure seamless connectivity. 
  • Generators: Expertise in generators for consistent power supply. 
  • Heaters: Diagnosis and repair of heating systems for driver comfort. 
  • Radios: Maintenance and repair of in-vehicle radio systems. 
  • Wipers: Addressing wiper system issues promptly for clear visibility. 
  • Refrigeration Units: Expert care for refrigeration units to maintain temperature-sensitive cargo. 
  • Tuning and Emissions Testing: Utilising diagnostic computer technology for precise tuning and emissions testing. 
  • Battery Testing: Thorough battery testing services to ensure reliable vehicle performance. 

Whether it's a truck, trailer, bus, digger, or any heavy machinery, trust All Truck Repairs to provide expert Auto Electric solutions, ensuring your vehicles operate at their best. Contact the team here.  

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Auto Electrical
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